You may not realize it, but high-quality flooring can play a significant role in your corporate wellness at the office. We’re going to give you some examples and explain why that is.

1. Carpeting

Good quality carpeting deadens sound. And we know from research that both children and adults perform tasks better and learn better with less ambient noise.

Noise pollution not only can damage your ears, but it makes people irritable and increases their heart rate and blood pressure.

Carpets are among the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds. There is also some evidence that carpet may, in fact, contribute to cleaner air in the ambient environment because carpeting will trap dust particles until they can be vacuumed away.

2. Rubber

If you have a fitness room or any kind of relaxation room, put in a rubber floor.

Rubber is a renewable and environmentally friendly product. It’s super soft and feels like a dream walking on it. It will prevent injuries for those doing exercise, and otherwise create a warm inviting atmosphere for relaxation.

Exercise or relaxation or meditation helps employees to relax, lowers anxiety, and helps them perform their work better. You’re doing everyone a favor by having a room like this on the premises. Fitness and meditation will cut down on absenteeism.

3. Linoleum

Put some linoleum down wherever you can, the kitchen, the break room. Everybody loves linoleum because it’s a natural product. It comes in all kinds of snazzy colors and can be laid in sheets or tiles. All those Millennials working in the office will think you really care about the environment. Linoleum is renewable, recyclable, and very trendy. It doesn’t off-gas anything bad.

Whatever you can do as a business owner that makes employees feel good about where they work increases their work performance and cuts down on absenteeism due to depression. Absenteeism from work costs organizations between $23 and $44 billion annually in the US.

If you want to improve your corporate wellness, you can start with quality flooring that impacts comfort, health, and state of mind for employees. While you’re doing that, you can also give employees a place to exercise and a place to relax. Sometimes small efforts can lead to big rewards.

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