Carpet Tile

There are many benefits and reasons for specifying modular carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are built for long lasting performance and offer numerous design options. Individual damaged or stained tiles can easily be pulled up and replaced without the need to replace a large area of carpet. In some cases, it is more efficient to install tiles instead of broadloom because there is less waste.

Carpet tile can be installed under modular furniture stations by lifting the stations which eliminates the cost and need to disassemble and reinstall furniture. Carpet tiles are engineered with performance backings that have strong warranties and are guaranteed not to edge ravel, delaminate, shrink, cup or dome.

  • Numerous styles, textures and design options
  • Built for heavy traffic conditions
  • Many quick ship options
  • Adhesive free installations
  • Asbestos disturbance free options
  • Options for high moisture installations
  • Easy to install and replace

We offer all of the leading brands from the top manufacturers in the commercial market.

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