Last time we talked about how to choose the right carpet for your lobby.

And the considerations we mentioned in that article, would still apply here. They include the following:

1. Do you need access to subfloor?

2. Are acoustics important?

3. What is the expected traffic?

4. How will maintenance and repair affect your choice?

5. Are there particular safety concerns?

What’s different for a hospitality project is that you may be able to be bolder with design elements. While you will need to select flooring for your lobby to be able to withstand heavy traffic, with a smaller space like a spa waiting room or an intimate restaurant you can allow have some creative freedom that may not be appropriate for a larger busier space.

What’s really exciting is that commercial carpet can be custom made. Carpet can be custom dyed, cut or even inlaid or all three. Unusual patterns, colors, and textures can either be manufactured or installed together as a seamless vision.

Maybe you want a special designed border in large ballroom or unique design for corridors. Or perhaps want a curved carpet walkway set into porcelain tile.

In this day and age, there’s no limit to the design potential of commercial carpeting. The trick is to get some professional help with the design in order to achieve some cohesion throughout the space and use experienced commercial flooring companies (like us) to help you select the design the represents your brand. In addition, most flooring choices have different eco-friendly options available.

Not only can different types of carpeting be used together, but different types of flooring can be used together in the same room. And you can also install area rugs on top of any kind of flooring to accent a room or occasion. Area rugs can also be made from roll carpeting complete with finished edges and custom measurements.

If you want to wow your customers, definitely consider something outside-of-the-box for your carpeting and your overall flooring. And we help you specify the right flooring for any size renovation.

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