Now with the new year upon us, you may be wondering: what are the top hardwood flooring trends can we expect for 2020? As you probably know, hardwood flooring has already grown significantly in popularity over the years despite having been around for quite some time. Thanks to modern technology, the options for hardwood flooring – as well as the customization that can be achieved with it – have become nearly limitless. One of hardwood flooring’s most appealing aspects is that it can be refinished with alterations to style/color as fashion trends or preferences change over time. Hardwood also has a mass appeal because it can be used for a variety of applications and projects including, but not limited to: workplaces, offices, businesses and multi-family residential buildings.

Here are a few of the top hardwood flooring trends we expect to see this year:

1. High Variation
With modern flooring technology, it’s now easier than ever to make flooring appear more natural according to its original state. As you may know, no two pieces of natural wood are exactly the same. Today, manufacturers are able to replicate this in their floors. High Variation flooring is a unique design among wood and tile flooring. Other types of floors typically come in a similar color pattern, but high variation creates more of a design statement.

2. Gray Blends
Gray flooring, especially gray wood, has significantly grown in popularity over the last decade. Gray flooring has been on the rise, and you can see this almost everywhere you go now – in wood, tile and gray vinyl planks, for instance. Initially, manufacturers tiptoed gray flooring onto the scene, producing a few gray concepts here and there to see how the public would respond. It didn’t take long for gray flooring to quickly become one of the most popular options in flooring.

3. Blonde
Blonde hardwood floors are particularly appealing because from a visual standpoint, they can really enhance and enlarge your space in an instant. In rooms that have an abundance of natural lighting, the magic of blonde wood is even more amplified. With blonde wood, decorating possibilities are also endless. Blonde hardwood especially works well with either a chic, contemporary feel or a rustic, industrial vibe.

4. Whitewashed
When it comes to hardwood, we predict oak floors are going to become increasingly popular in 2020. Whitewash can make spaces appear brighter, bigger and more relaxing. Adding whitewash to wood grains of a natural earth tone is a great way to introduce more neutral colors as well. The whitewashed appearance is more of a west coast trend right now, but it is beginning to spread across the country. In addition to a California, beachy look, whitewashed floors are also excellent for spaces that have more of a “farmhouse” vibe.

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