School Flooring

Best Flooring Options For Schools

2024-06-11T07:20:52-04:00February 28, 2024|

When selecting flooring for schools, durability, safety, and ease of maintenance are key considerations. Here are some top options: Space: Multi-purposeProduct: Mannington “Cryptogram Carpet Tile” Color NeighborhoodLocation: Washington, DCProducts: Mannington “Cryptogram Carpet Tile” Color Neighborhood Vinyl Flooring: Luxury Vinyl [...]

The Benefits of Carpet in Elementary School Classrooms

2019-05-10T14:42:27-04:00May 13, 2019|

Carpeting has evolved a lot in the recent past. Historically,commercial carpet wasn’t the number one go-to for classrooms. But today, there are some great, and easy-to-clean carpets available that might be a great choice for an elementary school classroom. Why? [...]

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