When you’re deciding on which types of flooring to use for your school or university, it’s essential to think about the health and safety issues that could affect students and employees. Choosing the perfect school flooring doesn’t have to be a difficult task though, along as you do due diligence ahead of time and prepare accordingly. If this is your first time leading the charge on such a project, we definitely recommend partnering with a flooring contractor to ensure you have all the bases covered.

How do you properly select, plan and install school flooring?

First and foremost: the essential criteria. Ideally, whichever flooring you choose for your school facilities they should be durable and capable of lasting a long time. If your project is K-12, you’ll obviously want to be prepared for stampedes of children coming and going. That’s why it’s essential that your flooring choice has longevity. We strongly recommend researching your manufacturer ahead of time, looking at product reviews, etc. Additionally, if you are working with a contractor you will want to see a history of their projects as well. It’s vital you choose the right flooring partners to ensure you’re getting quality flooring by quality people.

Good flooring is often backed up by a solid, long-term warranty from a reputable manufacturer. If you are working with a contractor, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. How long have they been using that manufacturer’s products? When was the manufacturer established? Where do they operate? These are questions you’ll want to have answers to ahead of time to ensure you’re getting the right flooring solution.

Last and certainly not least, health and safety codes should also be taken into strong consideration. The last thing you want to have happen at your university or school is a slip-and-fall accident. Therefore, it’s imperative to do your due diligence ahead of time. Take a close look at federal, state as well as local laws to ensure you’re in full compliance across the board. You can never be too careful.

Therefore, the most important and fundamental questions to ask are:

1. Can the flooring handle wear and tear, while still looking good years down the road?
2. What kind of warranty does the flooring manufacturer provide?
3. Which types of health and safety codes does the material comply with?
4. How long will it take to install, and how do I plan accordingly?

Once you’ve found some choices that satisfy the criteria above and work for you, next you will need to decide which type of flooring you want to use. Now, the fun part! The physical learning environment plays a key role in supporting academic success, more than most people may realize. A space inclusive of flooring design using a variety of colors, patterns and styles can create distinct learning areas. These can further help spark creativity, foster collaboration and improve learning retention.

At Eagle Mat, our flooring products and services are designed to create beautiful, comfortable, flexible spaces that support productive learning. Carpet Tile and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) solutions are great options for schools and universities that we often recommend. Tiles can have a variety of applications, colors, styles and designs to choose from too which makes them even more appealing. Not only that, but they are typically more cost-effective and easy to repair than many other flooring options too.

Carpet Tiles for Schools and Universities

Carpet tiles are built for long-lasting performance and offer numerous design options. Individual damaged or stained tiles can easily be pulled up and replaced without the need to remove a large area of carpet, which can otherwise be more costly and time-consuming. In some cases, it is more efficient to install tiles instead of broadloom because there is less waste. Carpet tile can be installed under modular furniture stations by lifting the stations up, and this eliminates the cost and need to disassemble and reinstall furniture. Carpet tiles are engineered with performance backings and often have strong warranties. Quality carpet tiles are guaranteed not to edge ravel, delaminate, shrink, cup or dome.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) for Schools and Universities

Our beautiful luxury vinyl flooring lines have natural stone, wood, and abstract looks. They are available in tiles or planks, and this has become our top choice today. There are many, various design options available on the market that can enhance the aesthetics of your space too. Our manufacturers stock huge inventory with lots of quick ship options. We also offer many LVT styles that are manufactured in the USA as well.

Need Further Assistance?

We understand just how important the right environments are for successful learning, which is why our products are designed to deliver safety. Prioritizing durability, sustainability and well-being can help you put your options into perspective and make the right choice for your school and those who use it every day.

If you need help with your flooring or floor maintenance project, click here to get in touch with us at Eagle Mat. We’d love to hear from you!

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