In choosing commercial flooring covering for schools, appearance, safety, and cost are typically the priority. However, there are other considerations to keep in mind such as acoustics.

Acoustics matter and can affect learning in schools. Studies show students learn by listening to the teacher and to each other. Excessive background noise or reverberation (i.e., many delayed reflections of the original sound) can interfere with speech perception and, consequently, can impair educational outcomes. Evidence exists that there is an association between decreased noise levels in schools and improvement in student achievement.

Carpet in Schools

There are many ways that schools can reduce noise levels. Research has shown that commercial carpet is the superior choice for floor covering. Carpet can absorb 10x more airborne noise than any other flooring material. Softer materials such as carpet significantly reduce sound which contributes to a quieter environment.  Carpet tiles excel at noise reduction and, Cushion Back Carpet Tiles can absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorbs 3x more noise than hard flooring.

In addition to carpet, there are other ways to reduce noise such as having walls that are not parallel to each other—but instead at different angles—or, acoustical ceiling tiles can improve noise levels. Try hanging art or fabric or having upholstered chairs or pillows and even plants help cut down on noise levels.

Students in all settings need an environment conducive to learning. Flooring selection is one of the critical links. Carpeting is the best choice for noise reduction, improve indoor air quality, comfort underfoot, and provides ease of maintenance.

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