Moving is never fun. And it’s especially stressful for a business because you will want to keep downtime to a minimum.

So, if you have to relocate your office, then here are seven tips to do it efficiently and with as little headache as possible.

1. Assign a point person. Even if several people are in on the decision making, make sure that there is one person overseeing the move. Considerable logistics are involved, and someone needs to take clear responsibility for that.

2. Flooring and renovations. If you are renovating the new space, try to get that all done well ahead of moving. Especially flooring (like carpeting) or painting, which may need touch-ups. The last thing you want is to move all the furniture and then have to change the carpeting after the fact. Similarly, if the new premises needs a deep cleaning, then do it before the move just like in a residential scenario.

3. Infrastructure. Make you sure have a well-defined game plan for setting up the new network. This means all wiring and cabling needs to be done in advance and the computer people need to get most of their work done before you move. For many businesses, if your computers don’t work, then no business can be accomplished.

4. Purge. This is the best time to get rid of anything that’s no longer useful like 50-year old paper files. It makes no sense to pay to move old vertical file cabinets, and then get rid of them later. Get rid of the junk before moving and have anything new delivered to the new space so you’re not also paying to move it.

5. Attending the actual move. Depending on the size of your move, have at least two or three staff members at the receiving end during the move. Your movers will have a team of people bringing stuff in, and you equally need a team of individuals to greet them.

6. A new address. Remember that if you move, everything printed with your address will have to be redone. This includes stationery, brochures, website, and business cards. The address will have to be changed with the post office and the government. This is a big job, so assign it to someone. You will also have to alert all your customers and clients.

7. The future. Long before you move, when choosing a new space consider the future and expansion and growth. You won’t be very happy if you move and outgrow your new space within the first six months.

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