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Corporate Wellness and Fitness Facilities

Corporate Wellness and Fitness Facilities on the Rise

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If you’re noticing a steep decline in productivity in the workplace, lots of absenteeism, and low employee morale, it may be time to rejuvenate your company morale by focusing more on corporate wellness and possibly an on-site fitness center. There are several benefits to providing employees access to a workplace fitness center and wellness programs, […]

Flooring Surfaces for Schools

Flooring Surfaces in Schools

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#DidYouKnow Schools and universities need to consider a wide range of factors: the function of the space, aesthetics, maintainability, durability, comfort, acoustics, indoor air quality, and cost. According to the American School & University magazine, schools are about more than easy-to-clean floors. Teachers and students might be inclined to prefer softer surfaces, especially in the […]

Sports Flooring for Multipurpose Halls

Sports Flooring for Multipurpose Halls

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Multipurpose halls play many roles. These halls may host parties, meetings, special events, and large crowds all year round. Choosing the flooring for these halls can be challenging. You need flooring that is cost-effective, hard-wearing, and as multipurpose as the room itself. That’s why sports flooring is a good solution for multipurpose halls. Sports flooring […]