Multipurpose halls play many roles. These halls may host parties, meetings, special events, and large crowds all year round.

Choosing the flooring for these halls can be challenging. You need flooring that is cost-effective, hard-wearing, and as multipurpose as the room itself. That’s why sports flooring is a good solution for multipurpose halls.

Sports flooring can mean rubber flooring, in sheets or tiles, either recycled (real) rubber or synthetic. It can mean maple hardwood, which is typically used in basketball courts and is as tough as nails. It can mean linoleum, a tried-and-true flooring that is back in fashion with a wide array of colors available. Or it can mean vinyl flooring, possibly the most budget-conscious choice.

With the exception of the maple hardwood, all of these other choices are somewhat softer. That means the flooring will deaden the noise of crowds and any noise traveling to other rooms or floors. Softer floors are also easier on the joints of those standing for long periods, like at a voting station or a meeting.

These types of floors are super easy to maintain. They have to be easy to maintain if they’re for a child’s play area or doggie daycare and that same ease of maintenance lends itself to parties where invitees are spilling drinks or dropping food and where tables and chairs may be moved around constantly. The floor in a multipurpose hall is going to get dirty and get cleaned, a lot; so, the flooring has to be able to stand up to that constant wear and tear. Sports flooring is up to the task.

Another advantage of sports flooring is durability. Sports flooring has to withstand people dropping free weights on it and jumping up and down on the flooring during exercise. This same durability is a serious benefit in a multipurpose hall. If you expect to have crowds of people congregating in a hall regularly, then the benefit of durability is obvious.

There are plenty of eco-friendly choices available in sports flooring. There are flooring choices in both sheet and tile flooring (tiles are always easier to replace or repair). There is also every color imaginable.

So, really, there is no downside to choosing sports flooring for a multipurpose hall. It’s a choice you should seriously consider, and if you talk to us we can help with your decision making.


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