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American Real Estate Partners Management fitness center flooring

American Real Estate Partners Management, LLC – Fitness Center Flooring Installation

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For our most recent project with American Real Estate Partners Management, our goals were to provide flooring for their fitness center that focused on durability, acoustics, safety, and ergonomics. Fitness flooring is probably the largest piece of equipment in any given fitness space. Everyone uses it and yet it’s a piece we usually don’t give […]

Gym Safety and Rubber Flooring

Gym Safety and Rubber Flooring

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There are plenty of ways to increase the safety of your gym, whether it’s a standalone business or part of a school environment. Keeping your gym safe for both employees and gym users will keep your accident rates down and your profits up. The first and most obvious action to take is to have rubber […]

Uses of Inlay in Commercial Flooring

What to Know Before Installing New Commercial Flooring

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If you’re getting new flooring for your place of business, that’s a big deal. And possibly an expensive deal. We want you to be prepared for the installation. So, here are some things you should know before getting new floors installed. Before removing old floors, find out how big of a job it is. How […]

How to Keep Classroom Floors Clean

Carpet in Schools can Reduce Noise Levels and Improve Acoustics

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In choosing commercial flooring covering for schools, appearance, safety, and cost are typically the priority. However, there are other considerations to keep in mind such as acoustics. Acoustics matter and can affect learning in schools. Studies show students learn by listening to the teacher and to each other. Excessive background noise or reverberation (i.e., many […]