There are plenty of ways to increase the safety of your gym, whether it’s a standalone business or part of a school environment. Keeping your gym safe for both employees and gym users will keep your accident rates down and your profits up.

The first and most obvious action to take is to have rubber flooring. Rubber flooring can be sheet flooring or in tiles. Today, rubber can be a ton of different colors, and it can be a real rubber or a synthetic rubber. Rubber flooring is extremely durable, and durability in this type of the environment where people are jumping up and down on the floor all day is the name of the game.

A rubber floor increases traction and softens the wear-and-tear on a person’s joints. A cushioned floor is much more comfortable for people to walk and exercise on. This type of flooring also cuts down on ambient noise and protects your equipment which is regularly going to be dropped on the floor. Having a rubber floor is one way to enforce some measure of safety all the time.

Similarly, be sure to have appropriate flooring in wet areas like showers or locker rooms. You will want mats that channel away water, are easy to clean and are microbe resistant.

Another thing you can do is make sure all your staff is trained for emergencies. Be sure the required personnel have had first aid and are up to date on it. Have them practice dealing with fitness enthusiasts who get sick or fall and injure themselves.

Have some rules for use of equipment, and if possible ask for a doctor’s permission letter for people to exercise in the gym and use your equipment. And make sure there’s adequate supervision of those using the gym. The cost of an extra person’s wage is small if it helps you keep your accidents down and your safety numbers up.

Rubber flooring is in style right now. Businesses are using it not just in gyms but in children’s play areas, doggie daycares, yoga studios, and anywhere that people are on their feet a lot. It’s a safe and durable flooring for many applications.

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