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carpet cleaning

Carpet Mold and Mildew Guide

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A clean carpet generally produces no noticeable odor. A carpet with a exposure to moisture during a water damage can create a musty order, or worse create mold or mildew. Ground Zero For Odors Carpet is a magnet to and retains microscopic airborne mold and mildew spores commonly found in most commercial space environments. Carpet […]

Uses of Inlay in Commercial Flooring

Commercial Carpet Installation Guide

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There are a few guidelines that one must follow while installing commercial carpet. At Eagle Mat and Floors we focus on several aspects prior to commercial carpet installation Products have unique characteristics and each installation project should be carefully evaluated to determine the proper application of this standard. Planning All facets of the installation are […]

Deep Cleaning Schools

Checklist for Deep Cleaning Schools During the Summer Break

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Depending on your location, your school may be closed and student-free for much of the summer. This is the perfect time to deep clean the place from top to bottom. Here’s a handy checklist, so you don’t forget anything. 1. Carpeting. Be sure to use hot water extraction in any areas with wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpeting […]