There are a few guidelines that one must follow while installing commercial carpet. At Eagle Mat and Floors we focus on several aspects prior to commercial carpet installation

Products have unique characteristics and each installation project should be carefully evaluated to determine the proper application of this standard.


All facets of the installation are to be coordinated. A scale drawing of the area to be installed is required to determine the type of carpet, carpet quantities, quantity per dye lot, installation method, cushions, adhesives, transition moldings, wall base types and othe accessories, and to identify the proper location of seams.

Transitions to Other Surfaces

Where carpet transitions to other floor coverings, the carpet edges are required to be protected or covered with appropriate transition moldings. The edge of the hard surface flooring should not exceed a maximum of 1/16” higher than the total carpet thickness where no transition molding exists. For broadloom where no transition molding is used, apply a minimum of 1/8” bead of seam sealer to the edge of the carpet along the entire

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