In 1965, The New York Times ran an ad for some of the newest fibers invented by DuPont showing how great they were and how they would revolutionize clothing. The fibers they were talking about were Orlon (acrylic), Dacron (polyester), and Antron (nylon).

Antron nylon is not new. What’s new is that it’s now being used in commercial carpeting for the first time, and it’s going to revolutionize that industry, too.

So, what exactly is Antron?

Antron is a type of nylon. Nylon carpeting has been around for a long time. However, Antron nylon carpet fibers are different than other carpet fibers.

Antron fibers have a denser molecular structure. That means that Antron fibers are less likely to absorb stains. Antron fibers also have a different shape than other carpet fibers, making dirt less likely to get embedded in the curve of the fiber. Antron fibers also keep their shape better than other fibers, so they are less likely to become crushed when trampled and/or dirty.

Why is this important?

Commercial spaces get a lot more foot traffic than residential spaces. Businesses spend an enormous amount of time and money keeping their floors clean for a few reasons.

First, your business looks better to customers if it looks clean. Second, dirt left in carpets can actually abrade the carpet fibers over time, meaning that if you let your carpeting stay dirty, it won’t last as long. And last but not least, carpeting that is wet and dirty is not as safe as clean carpeting. Liquids and detritus can cut down on the carpet’s friction, which is a big part of what makes it a safe flooring.

Antron is going to change all that. Antron carpeting is so much easier to clean that businesses will be able to spend less time and less money on its maintenance. Furthermore, Antron carpeting will last longer, so it will be cheaper over time.

And Antron has the statistics to prove these assertions. Antron carpeting can last up to 75% longer, have 65% better soil resistance and twice the texture retention. Antron® Lumena™ can have up to 10 times better stain resistance.

Antron is the newest and best thing that has happened to commercial carpeting in 50 years. It’s good for safety, your reputation, and the bottom line. It’s also environmentally friendly and recyclable. Talk to us about Antron carpeting for your commercial space.

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