The first few steps into a building can affect the performance of your flooring throughout the facility. Walk-off carpet helps reduce maintenance cost, extends the flooring life and improves safety.

Aesthetics & Applications

Walk-off carpet tiles are available in a variety of textures and patterns to compliment different types of building finishes. Areas that are often designated to receive walk-off tiles include vestibules, lobby recessed areas, elevator lobbies, elevators, garage ramps and landings.


Protecting your facility with walk-off carpet helps reduce premature wear and tear and costly replacements that are caused by soil and moisture that can spread throughout your building. With walk-off carpet, Property managers can significantly lower maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of floor coverings throughout, not just at the entrance.

Improve Safety

Taking steps to prevent slips and falls are a priority for property owners. The most effective and economical way to reduce the likelihood of such accidents is to install high-quality walk-off carpet tiles in entryways and other high-traffic areas. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) slips and falls are the most common office accidents, accounting for the greatest number of injuries.

The key feature of walk-off tiles lies in their high-traction surfaces. Engineered to offer superior grip even when wet, these tiles significantly reduce the likelihood of slips. The abrasive surface texture is designed to enhance friction, ensuring that individuals walking on them maintain stability regardless of weather conditions or the presence of water. This is particularly crucial in areas prone to rain, snow, or spills, where conventional flooring materials may become slippery and hazardous.

Beyond traction, walk-off carpet tiles excel in moisture absorption. The tiles are designed with specialized channels and patterns that effectively trap and contain moisture, preventing it from spreading into adjacent areas. This feature is particularly beneficial during inclement weather when people track in rain or snow on their shoes. By containing moisture at entry points, walk-off tiles contribute to maintaining dry and safe interior spaces.

Dirt and debris accumulation also contribute significantly to slip and fall accidents. Walk-off carpet tiles have an abrasive scraper fiber that effectively removes dirt and particles from the bottoms of shoes. This not only prevents the immediate risk of slipping on loose debris but also helps maintain cleaner indoor environments, reducing the frequency of cleaning and the potential for long-term damage to other flooring surfaces.

The walk-off carpet tiles Eagle Mat & Floor Product offers are specifically designed to provide an effective barrier against slips and falls by addressing the primary causes of such accidents – moisture, dirt, and debris. These carpet tiles are commonly installed at entry points, where foot traffic transitions from exterior to interior spaces. Their unique construction and materials work synergistically to create a formidable defense against potential hazards.

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