The best type of flooring for a corporate office really depends on where the office is located and the design and image you want your flooring to represent. If it’s in a high-rise building, then there may be some building rules about what kinds of flooring you can put down.

These rules are in place for a few reasons. When you’re in a high-rise, your floor is someone else’s ceiling, so easy access to underneath whatever your flooring would be rule number one. Much of the plumbing and electrical sits under the floor. Lifting up some carpeting or carpet tiles is a whole lot easier than trying to get under a ceramic tile floor.

The next reason is that carpeting is quiet and it’s good for acoustics. The acoustics in a steel, concrete, and glass building would be unbearable without it. There would an echo when you spoke, and the click clack of high heels would be heard throughout the building.

Carpeting also has the advantage of trapping a lot of dust and debris at least until you vacuum it away. That makes fewer pollutants airborne, something that contributes to poor indoor air quality.

Carpeting can be easy to clean, especially if you choose one of the new Antron nylon fiber carpets. And if you choose a neutral color, it’s easy to camouflage any dirt in between cleanings.

As far as carpeting goes, there is broadloom, carpet tile, and woven carpeting, for example.

We have commercial-quality broadloom available in tons of different styles, textures, and colors. We have a big quick-ship inventory, and there are numerous types with stain-resistant qualities.

Carpet tiles also come in lots of different styles and colors. Carpet tiles are always the easiest to install and the easiest to repair if there’s any damage because you can remove and replace single tiles.

And then there’s woven carpet, the most durable of all carpeting. Woven carpet doesn’t ravel or unravel, and it’s a very old method of manufacturing carpet. It’s still made that way because it’s such a great quality product.

However, if you own the building that your corporate office is in or it’s not a high-rise building, then literally there is no limit on what floor products you could buy. You would be limited only by your wallet.

You would want something that’s practical, hard-wearing, easy to clean, and durable. There are lots of flooring choices that fit that bill.

If the focus is budget, then vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles might be the way to go. Vinyl is budget friendly and there are some types that are made of recycled materials if that’s important to you and your millennial employees.

If looking classy is the most important point on your checklist, then you might want a stone or ceramic tile floor or a wood floor with an inlaid pattern.

If the eco-friendliness of your floor is at the top of your list, then how about a bamboo floor? Bamboo is actually a type of grass, and it grows fast, so it’s renewable. Or maybe a linoleum floor might catch your eye. Linoleum is beautiful these days and available in a rainbow of colors. Linoleum is made from linseed oil.

The advantages of linoleum or vinyl are that they are a slightly softer floor than wood or stone, which makes them somewhat safer. If someone falls on a softer floor, he or she is less likely to hurt themselves. Softer floors offer better traction, so, a person is also less likely to fall in the first place.

The best types of flooring for corporate offices are the best types of flooring for your particular situation. Carpeting is the most common, but that’s because carpeting is often required—and, fortunately, it has a lot of benefits.

If you’re ready to choose flooring for your corporate space, talk to us. We will help you find the best flooring for your unique situation.

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