Carpeting has evolved a lot in the recent past. Historically,commercial carpet wasn’t the number one go-to for classrooms. But today, there are some great, and easy-to-clean carpets available that might be a great choice for an elementary school classroom. Why?


Now, there is carpeting that has a finish on it that makes liquids bead on top of the carpeting, so it’s super easy to clean up. Ease of cleaning used to be the one reason why carpets weren’t used in schools, but that has changed.

In fact, it’s a lot faster to vacuum carpeting than it is to wash floors. This saves time for your janitorial staff and money for the school.


Carpeting deadens noise and lowers sound levels. This is important for the learning environment, and carpeting does a better job of this than any other flooring. No echoes, no click-clack of shoes, no bouncing of sound of the floors are great reasons to use carpeting in a classroom.

Ease of Repair

If you choose carpeting that comes in tiles, it’s easy to repair. Any kind of roll or sheet flooring poses a problem if you have to repair it. This is where any kind of tile flooring excels. All you have to do is remove and replace one or two tiles. Done. All fixed.


A softer floor is a safer floor. If a child falls, the child is less likely to get hurt on carpeting than on porcelain tile, for example. Softer floors offer more traction and cut down on slips, trips, and falls.


Carpeting creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that other floors cannot. So, carpeting can go a long way to make a young child feel more comfortable and relaxed—which means he or she will be more productive in the classroom.

While every business-flooring case is different, carpeting should be a front runner for elementary school classrooms. You can also do all kinds of great color or pattern schemes with carpet tiles. Talk to us about carpeting for your school today. We serve the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan areas.

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