Many building owners or building managers may not realize the profound effect that flooring can have on branding, marketing, and even attracting and keeping good tenants. If your flooring doesn’t look good, then your business won’t look good either.

If you need new flooring, here are our tips to create an unforgettable experience with commercial flooring.

1. Pick something appropriate.

By “appropriate” we mean the right floor in the right setting. The wrong flooring in a commercial setting will not only look odd, but it may not wear very well or perform the way you need it to.

If you need help picking the right flooring for your application, very experienced commercial flooring professionals, like us, can help you. Flooring is the first thing that people see when they walk inside your building, so make the flooring count.

2. Use experienced professionals for installation.

Installation is important, but it’s not talked about much. For example, no matter how beautiful or expensive your tile is, if it’s not installed well, that’s going to be noticeable. Professional installation that’s well done will make a big difference in the final product.

3. Don’t neglect design.

Get some professional help with design. Even if a designer is not involved in your whole project, you can always get an hour or two of consultation.

If you want a beautiful and memorable floor, then you need not only the right flooring material, but it has to go with the rest of your design. Some flooring professionals, like us, also offer some design services, and, in fact, can look after the whole renovation project including the flooring, painting, and moving.

Not only will experienced commercial flooring professionals know what’s happening worldwide in flooring trends, but they will also know how to help you have a cohesive design.

4. Consider carpeting.

Carpeting doesn’t always get the same respect as hard flooring, but carpeting has a lot of benefits that may not be obvious. Carpeting reduces noise, cushions falls, reduces airborne pollution, and emits very few volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

There are lots of different types of carpeting including woven, tufted, natural and synthetic fibers. And don’t forget about Antron, the newest nylon fiber.

Having an unforgettable experience with commercial flooring means winding up with the right flooring for your application, something that looks beautiful and was installed properly. It means flooring that was delivered on time, installed on schedule, will perform as needed, and that you’re happy with.

For big commercial projects, think of us, and we’ll give you an unforgettable experience.

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