The importance of your floor at your place of business can not be overstated. Every customer, client, and employee who walks in, walks on your floor.

The visibility of your floor is the first impression of your business. Which means you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

With that in mind, you need floors that look great, are clean and easy to keep clean, and are safe to walk on. Let’s look at these points one at a time.

1. Hire a commercial flooring professional.

That means you need to choose floors, hopefully with help of a commercial flooring specialist that are appropriate for your application and will last a good long time. If you are a big business, then only use commercial flooring specialists that are experienced with specifying and installing large projects.

Flooring specialists are going to have all kinds of ideas and will be able to educate you on the best floor covering for your specific project. They’re also going to know the upfront and over-time costs of every flooring material. They will also provide you with installation timeline and preparation which is an important point that’s often overlooked—but is very important to the day to day operation of your business during installation.

2. Keep the floor clean.

No matter how old or new your floors are, there is no excuse for dirty floors. They need to be cleaned regularly with the appropriate materials.

Floors that are wet are slippery or dirty can reduce the traction of a shoe on a floor, and make the floor more dangerous to walk on, which can be a liability if someone falls.

Hire the professions to ensure your floors are cleaned properly based on traffic patterns and type of floors. Be sure to have a regular schedule for your maintenance people.

Dirty floors make your business look bad. If you’re not paying attention to your floors, then what else are you not paying attention to?

One way to help keep floors clean is with the use of commercial mats at every entrance. The ISSA, the International Sanitary Supply Association, estimates that as much as 80 percent of water and dirt can be removed from people’s shoes at the entrance to the building with appropriately sized commercial mats.

3. Safety is the most important thing.

In order for your floors to be safe, something else you have to do is inspect them regularly. Damaged areas need to be repaired or replaced.

If the whole floor is worn out then the whole floor needs replacing. Flooring doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be paid attention to on a regular basis. There should be a schedule during which someone is looking at all the floors and all the edges of the floors.

Edges of floors get damaged when transitions are not installed properly. Tiles can get cracked if they aren’t installed properly or sometimes purely by accident. Flooring has a life just like every other building material, and sometimes the flooring needs repair and or replacing.

We’ve been in this business for over 35 years. We know that if your floor looks bad, then everything looks bad. If your floors look good, then everything else looks better. Contact us, and let us help you pick the right flooring for your business.

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