From luxury vinyl and laminate to commercial carpet flooring, there are almost endless products designed specifically for businesses like yours. But what makes commercial floor coverings the uniquely fitted products for businesses like yours versus residential carpeting.


From luxury vinyl and laminate to commercial carpet flooring, there is an almost infinite range of choices for your décor. For residential flooring, style and comfort are often the first priority. So, you will typically find more color and style options among these plush, comfortable options.


Residential carpet is made to be comfortable, appealing to the eye, and quiet. It has a taller pile than industrial, and a reasonably loose loop design. This makes for a more plush, comfortable feel and look. Be that as it may, the residential carpet wouldn’t be able to handle the heavy foot traffic that industrial can. Industrial carpet is made with just that in mind, to be durable. Industrial carpet is made with a tight loop and a short pile, giving it density to withstand the punishment it takes on a daily basis.


Both commercial and residential carpet will require regular vacuuming.

However, the commercial carpet will require more vacuuming than a home would. Depending on the nature of your establishment, you may need vacuuming in between shifts. You’ll also need to plan for more visits from the professional carpet cleaning company. Again, this is due to the heavy foot traffic your carpet will bear with. Just think of all the shoes and all the microbial germs being tracked in and out!

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