Sales & Installation

Commercial carpet installations should be driven by the application for which they are needed. Our Commercial Carpet 101 will give you a brief guide, and for more specific info please contact us.

Whether using carpet tiles, broadloom carpeting, or any of the various commercial flooring products, you can be sure that we will go out of our way to make sure that you are educated and informed so that you can purchase confidently.

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your floor covering clean and maintaining it properly is a vital key to getting optimum performance out your carpeting. Waiting until the carpet looks dirty is a prescription for a shortened lifespan, which ultimately will come out of your pocket.

We offer cleaning methods targeted to your specific condition. Whether using our modern low moisture chemistry or hot water extraction, you can be sure that all our processes are Green Seal Certified.

Painting Services

Our Painting Division is another integral part of the “bundling” of our services. When renovating occupied suites we can offer painting services along with moving your furniture and replacement of your carpeting in one seamless operation.

This “one stop” renovation service solves many logistical problems, and turns old space into new for many of our customers.

Furniture Moving

Our Moving Division is an integral part of the “bundling” of our services, which enable us to move your furniture, in conjunction with replacing your floor covering and giving those walls a new splash of paint.

This seamless operation is your “one stop” solution for occupied suites. The process eliminates the need for swing space and reduces the downtime for your personnel to a minimum.

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