After a winter of snow, ice, salt, and deicer being walked into your building it is truly the time for a thorough Spring cleaning.

Nevertheless, there are some guidelines for cleaning commercial carpet. There are basically three types of cleaning for carpeting: spot cleaning, deep cleaning, and regular vacuuming. Let’s look at them one at a time.

Spot Cleaning. Spot cleaning is cleaning a small area where the carpet has become very soiled very quickly like someone dropped their lunch on the floor.

How do you spot clean?

First, remove all the solids. A mixture of warm water, a little liquid laundry detergent, and some white vinegar is a very effective spot cleaner.

When do you spot clean?

As soon as possible. This will help to quickly soak up any stains.

Deep cleaning is the cleaning done by professionals with professional machines.

Methods of Cleaning:
1. Pre-Treatment of Stains
2. Hot Water Extraction
3. Low Moisture Encapsulation
4. Pile Lifting
5. Restorative, 2 Step Cleaning

When do you deep clean?

It depends on the amount and type of traffic and the type of carpet. But once a year would be the absolute minimum, and as often as once a month for high traffic areas. Remember, if people continue to walk on dirty carpeting, then the dirt can abrade and damage the carpet fibers. Carpet fiber is in need of cleaning to remove winter debris, especially your walk-off mats and heavy traffic areas that people are walking int your buildings.

Regular vacuuming. This is vacuuming the carpet with a good, preferably commercial, vacuum. A lot.

When do you vacuum?

For medium- or high-traffic areas, your carpet should be vacuumed every day. For lighter traffic areas, once or twice a week may be sufficient. The point is that you want to vacuum it before it gets overly dirty.

It’s cheaper for you over time to vacuum more rather than less. It’s harder and more expensive to vacuum an extremely dirty carpet.

This is our business, and we want your carpet to look its best all the time. By addressing this issue with our highly trained technicians you can preserve and extend the life of your floor covering investment.

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