Specification & Consultation

Eagle Mat makes sure that their clients are well informed so they can purchase the right floor covering for their specific needs.
Flooring specification should be driven by the application and environment where they are installed. There are many things to take into to consideration when specifying commercial flooring: how long the flooring needs to last (life cycle), traffic conditions, soil and stains that the flooring will be exposed to, existing subfloor conditions, budget, and the right aesthetics for the space.

With carpet specification, you should also consider the following:

  • Carpet construction: fiber type, dye method, face weight, backing type
  • Performance requirements
  • Carpet cushion
  • Underlying existing subfloor conditions
  • Layout and seaming diagrams
  • Color and pattern

We offer:

  • Inspections of existing flooring conditions
  • Field measurements
  • Project consultation
  • Product presentation and recommendations
  • Free estimates

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